You can also save pick-up time by purchasing a year of Parking permits.

You can save money! Purchase yearly permits and recieve additional discounts.

How to be good to your employees.
Call The Garage office for information about group discounts and availability.

How to be good to your customers.
Call us for information about validated parking.

Because you are more likely be able to find a space when you need one
Covered and well lit parking spaces, fast and easy parking, Safety and convenience
That makes visitors and our Downtown retailers happy!

Try out one of the space conveniently in The Garage. The first hour is only Naf. 2.00 or you can stay as long as you like for up to 18 hours per day at the rate of Naf.2.00 per hour! can always find a space in
The Garage!

Parking Office info:

Pietermaai Plein, Willemstad - Curacao
Open Monday through Friday
9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
T: (5999) 465-8080

Parking Garage Hours:

Monday through Sunday
6:00 AM to 12:00 midnight
(after midnight exit only)
T: (5999) 465-8080