Monthly parking allows parkers to pay for an entire month of parking in turn receiving unlimited 'in/out' access privileges during the month. Monthly parking commences on the 1st of the current month. We do not prorate for other start dates.

Our garage requires access cards that operate gates for entry and exit into and out of the parking facility. Deposits are taken upon the issuance of access cards and will be refunded when the parker returns the access card.

To sign up for monthly parking contact our office at (5999) 461-8080 for an appointment.

Please fill out our Monthly Parking Request Form and we will be glad to help. For more information, be sure to review our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Using Your Proximity Card (XPRESS CARD)

When entering the Pietermaai Parking Garage have your XPRESS card ready.
Hold the XPRESS card no more than four inches from the card reader or scanner until the gate begins to rise.

Wait until the gate arm is completely up, then enter the facility.

The same process will allow you to exit the facility. XPRESS cards will be deactivated upon parking permit expiration. These cards can be reactivated if the parking permit is renewed, so do not dispose of them.

The XPRESS cards allow multiple entries and exits, but an exit must be made before another entry is made.

Entrance and exit are located on Pietermaaiweg, while one additional exit is located next to Wolkstraat leading towards Prinsenstraat.

A replacement proximity card will cost NAfl.25,00.


Parking Office info:

Pietermaaiplein 8, Willemstad - Curacao
Open Monday through Friday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM                                                                                                     TN: (5999) 465-8080                                 EM:





Parking Garage Hours:

Monday through Sunday
6:00 AM to 12:00 midnight
(after midnight exit only)
T: (5999) 465-8080