Need parking?

There are 4 ways to park in our garage

1. Drive in: Are you a first time visitor? You can simply drive into the garage entrance by pulling a ticket. Once the ticket is pulled your timer strarts running, and you can go about your business in the city. Our postpaid system allows you to park as long as you want without having to recharge your parking balance. 

2. Prepaid Parking: Visiting a store in the city? Here at Pietermaai we have members that will provide you with a complimentary already paid parking ticket. When purchasing a product from one of the members you can ask for your free ticket and would not have to pay for parking. 

3. Become a member: Are you a worker or a business owner in the city? Then becomning a parking member might be the best solution for your parking needs. Do not worry anymore about finding a parking spot outside, just drive in swipe your membership card at the entrance and park, simple, easy and affordable. 

4. Reserved parking and private parking: You can pay an additional fee onto your membership subscription to receive a personal parking space. This way your spot is secured and always waiting for you 24/7 

For more information on parking please contact us at 465-8080 or

Parking Office info:

Pietermaaiplein 8, Willemstad - Curacao
Open Monday through Friday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM                                                                                                     TN: (5999) 465-8080                                 EM:





Parking Garage Hours:

Monday through Sunday
6:00 AM to 12:00 midnight
(after midnight exit only)
T: (5999) 465-8080